What is elite new?

Of course, choosing a place to live, people dream about the best. And developers have unashamedly played a little bit naive on this quest, adding to the title of the next built a house or apartment complex now fashionable word “elite.” At this point, the volume of construction does gentrification “thanks” to the crisis erupted in the economy fell sharply, but demand for luxury buildings still there, so – there is a suggestion. By tradition, luxury buildings are located either in downtown or in a beautiful area with an already established infrastructure. The area of apartments in these buildings may vary, but the upper limit is almost non-existent. Rather, it depends on how big the amount a buyer is willing to spend. More recently popular “club” mansions have given way to skyscrapers sectional. At the moment, the elite are no different buildings too refined or extravagant interior, however, underground parking and quick noiseless elevators are essential attributes of such housing. However, the external and presentable – very reserved, though not the main parameter. Of course, the elite buildings simply must have a high quality, luxury infrastructure. All residential developments, claiming to be “elite” means should be provided, except for underground parking and easy ground parking for private vehicles of residents, and for taxis and car reviews. Customer Service will certainly obliged to provide dry cleaning and laundry, as well as give the opportunity to make payments, make an order as railway and air tickets for flights within the country and on international flights, ordering gifts of flowers. The rest depends on the project, but are very popular complexes – new, equipped with not only the service “set minimum”, and having on its territory, a kindergarten, school, fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, grocery store, cafe, landscaped the surrounding area and… Of course, security systems decent. It turns out kind of small town that can provide everything necessary for human life. Of course, the price of such housing as is “elite.” For example, the minimum cost of one square meter in a residential area, which belongs to an elite category of not less than 140, 000 rubles.